College Student Housing

Our college student furniture styles are one-of-a-kind. With the newest generation entering college, it helps to have a space where they can express themselves while they get their degrees. Combining the retro style of yesterday with the technology of today through options like beds, desks, and other furniture for student housing, these kids will have no issues finding their apartment or dorm a home away from home.

The styles of college student furniture you choose should show a commitment to sustainability. Which means the beds, desks, couches, and other furniture for student housing you choose should not only look good and be comfortable, but should be durable as well, leading to much less waste. And our college student furniture styles do just that.

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    Student Housing design projects

    Bengal Creek sofa and loveseat with narrow arms and pillow backs

    Country Fair sofa and chair shown

    Wide tablet chairs and armless chairs grouped together in a common space.

    Large Bengal Creek sectional and ottomans arranged in common space

    Custom chair and sectional with metal “sled legs” for common space

    Custom style sofa, loveseat and ottoman for common space

    Dorm room furniture

    Dorm room furniture

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